Carolyn Wilder Rose has been capturing the beauty of nature on camera for over 13 years. She finds peace walking through woods and fields, discovering creatures great and small, landscapes short and tall, full of vibrant life. In each creature or flower that she captures with her digital camera, God’s wondrous gift of beauty is revealed.

In June 2017, Carolyn and her daughter, Jillian will be traveling to Kenya with the Care for AIDS organization. They will visit the Nairobi slum villages of Kamirithu, Kiganjo, Gachie and Waithaka to spread the love of Christ to those who have AIDS. Carolyn will be taking photos of the people of Nairobi, writing about her experiences, impressions, and stories about the people that she and Jillian meet. At the end of the trip, the group will have a safari adventure at Massai Mara.

God’s beauty is everywhere, and it is her mission to capture daily moments of beauty and share them with all.

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