Our adventure begins!

Our trip is off to a great start! Jillian and I are traveling the the Koomar family (r-l Paul, Therese, Katie and Jennie) and the Youth Director for Bay Presbyterian Church, Morgan Smith. Our flight from Cleveland to Dulles airport was quick and painless, except for a 2 year old who screamed the whole flight!

Our flight to Frankfurt aboard a 747 was a first for Jillian – she has never seen a plane that large. It was a 7 hour flight, but the time seemed to go by quickly.  At least it went quickly for me…before leaving for the trip, my mother, Sara Wilder, insisted that I watch “Out of Africa.” I heeded her advice and watched the movie during our flight to Germany.  As always, Mother Knows Best!  What a beautiful movie – it heightened my excitement to visit the safari during the last part of our trip. Although, I doubt that we will be dining off of china and crystal at our safari!

We are all tired from the long second leg of the trip. We have a 6 hour layover here in Frankfurt before hopping on the next plane to Nairobi for an 8 hour flight. How are we spending the time during this layover, you ask? Well, ask Paul…as you can see, he has the right idea! Actually, I kind of like Therese’s idea better! 🙂

We are thankful for all of your prayers as we make our way to Kenya. God treated us to a beautiful sunset and sunrise during our flight. I know that an abundance of gifts are yet to come as we shower our Kenyan friends with the love of Christ!


3 thoughts on “Our adventure begins!

  1. Thank you Carolyn for the gift of your Blog. God Bless you for all that you are doing. Care for Aids, the staff, their clients will be richly blessed by all of your group’s presence, your work and your love of them. We cannot wait to read all that you are encountering.

    Phil Battershell


  2. Looks like you are off to a great start. I am so excited for you all! You will be forever changed. :). Prayers are with you! RobinHawkins


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